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Tangier, the multicultural city

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Tangier is a multicultural city. Currently the capital of the northern region, well rebelled by its beautiful beaches on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast.

The city is home to a variety of activities. It is known as the city that never sleeps, where young couples can enjoy their stay on the newly reconstructed Corniche which brings together quality restaurants of the city and leisure, namely night clubs, pubs and karaoke places.

Tangier is a city that never sleeps, you will have until morning to also discover the Casino of the city. You are a young couple, Tangier will welcome you at Fredj Hotel & Spa or Saif tarifa beach. Our hotels that will ensure your well-being and the smooth running of your stay.

Other experiences not to be missed, namely the Parc Perdiraces in the middle of the forest of Rmilat, Cap Spartel, the surfing activity, the shopping centers of the city, the port of Tangier, the golf, the old medina and the museum of the city.